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We represent both old established manufacturers such as BoEdin and young vibrant companies like Tendzone. Each company has a different product portfolio but they are all striving to deliver reliable, high performance, quality AV equipment


Bo-Edin is a Swedish manufacturer of induction loop systems and has been producing hearing loop systems and other assistive listening products under the Univox® brand for over 50 years. The company, is by far, the oldest hearing loop manufacturer in the World. Driven by a more socialy engaged and resposible scandinavian governmet it has been at the forefront of the technology for 50 years and is associated with most of the major technical innovations in this field including constant current drive amplifiers to uncorrelated loop, Super Loop systems (phased arrays). Operating World wide with products spanning applications from professional AV to transport and domestic use they probably have the biggest product range in the industry. All of the professional amplifiers are backed by a 5 year warranty and supported in the unique, easy to use loop design software.

The product ranges are:

PLS - Professional Loop Amplifiers- these have balanced inputs and are suitable for creating perimeter loops, cancellation loops and figure 8 loops.

SLS- Super Loop Amplifiers- have balanced inputs with dual phase shifted constant current outputs and are suitable for creating uncorrelated hearing loop systems such as Ultra-low spill and metal compensating systems.

CTC- Across the counter systems - supplied as kits with loop pad and microphone for permanent installation on counters, kiosks etc

DLS- Domestic Loop amplifiers- Small amplifiers designed primarily for use in the home with features such as Lip Sync for use with the latest flat screen TV's

CLS - Compact loop drivers- For professional applications such as vehicles, TV lounges and are also the bases of the CTC kits.

TLS - Transport Loop Amplifier- for use on large vehicles eg trains.

P-Loop systems - Porfessional portable room loop kits.

If you are not sure what you need give us a call or email us. 01707 308189 support@univoxaudio.co.uk

Or take a look at our Handbook 'A guide to Specifying an Induction Loop System'


Okayo is an established manufacturer of FM, IR, digital wireless microphone and Tour Guide Systems.

FM Systems

Within this group there are:

  • Receivers including Stationary, Diversity receivers and boduy pack receivers
  • Transmitters including Stationary and body pack transmitters, and Microphones
  • Powered Speakers (Portable PA)
  • Sound Field Systems (for Class rooms)
  • Bulk charging units

IR Systems

Within this group there are:

  • Stationary a receivers
  • Stationary and body pack transmitters, and Microphones
  • Sound Field Systems (for Class rooms)

Digital Wireless Systems

Within this group there are:

  • Receivers including Stationary, receivers and boduy pack receivers
  • Transmitters including Stationary and body pack transmitters, and Microphones
  • Powered Speakers (Portable PA)

Tour Guide Systems

Within this group there is a range of:

  • Handsets for pre-recorded material
  • Bulk Charging Units
  • Buk data uploaders
  • Optional Trigger mechanisms eg Bar code, image reader, GPS


Tendzone are a young, innovative and exciting manufacturer of AV digital network products. Their DSP technology is not only world class, it is afforadable.

DSP is at the heart of what they do and with over 50 worldwide patents they may not be the first in this field but they are amongst the leaders.

Their products can be loosley spiit into 3 groups.

Fixed Architecture DSP

There are 3 ranges in this group,>Tycho, Solon and Timon. They share many of the same basic features:-

  • AGC, Expander, Compressor/Limiter
  • *5-Band Parametric EQ (Except 4x4)
  • 31-Band Graphic EQ (Only in 4x4)
  • Matrix-Mixer
  • Speaker Processor (EQ, Delay, Crossover, Filters)
  • Room Noise Reduction
  • PTZ Camera Voice-Tracking
  • RS-232 / GPI
  • 8 Presets
  • Tend-Ware Intuitive GUI Software
  • AMX & Crestron Compatible

With each range having some additional features such as Echo Cancellation, Noise cancellation and Automatic feedback control. In a variety of Configurations 4x4, 12x8,12x12 etc.

Open Architecture DSP

Fully customable audio processing and routing with standard DSP

Class D Audio Power Amplifiers

With Power Factor Correction Tecnology these amplifiers are efficient, and stable with excellent high dynamic audio performance

Fulgor Service

FULGOR SERVICE specialises in broadcasting intelligible high quality audio in acoustically challenging environments. With expertise gained over 30 years of leadership in the field of amplification for sacred buildings they are a principal supplier to the Catholic church on three continents.

Their products are directly designed, tested and manufactured in their own factory in Arcola (SP, Italy) using locally sourced materials and a highly skilled workforce.  Quality and performance are assured with the flexibility for customisation

Places of worship present a unique set of challenges for intelligible sound reproduction.  Not only are many of these buildings highly reverberant, the nature and age of the construction means opportunities to run additional cabling are rare and expensive which, until now has prevented the use of technologies such as steerable line array speakers with dsp.  Fulgor Services have solved this problem bringing 21st century technology to all these environments at affordable prices with minimal disruption.

The full range of products are listed below:


  • Passive Array Speakers
  • Active Array Speakers
  • Directivity System


  • Integrated Amplifier
  • Integrated Amplifier with Auto-mixer
  • Power Amplifier

Signal Processors


  • Gooseneck
  • Electret- Condenser-flat
  • Shotgun
  • Wireless (system)
  • Base mic (via radio)

Accessories for Liturgy

  • Liturgical Music
  • Electroniuc Bells Programmers
  • Suround Sound
  • Poer distributor - anti bump
  • 19 inch rack cabinets

Sound sources

  • Mixer
  • Automixer

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