Super Loops Go Digital!

Class D SuperLoop Driver

To celebrate Their 50th anniversary Bo Edin has launched it's first all digital constant current Super loop drivers, the Univox SLS-3 and Univox SLS-5.  Using class D technology these loop drivers are less than half the size, a fraction of the weight and at least 80% more efficient than their predecessors. 

The two units are identical in every respect except for output power.  Each offers three inputs - two of which are programmable, including a 100V line input with priority option, a self-test mode, loop monitor and monitor speaker power driver.

Exceptional sound clarity for unrivalled speech intelligibility is at the heart of what Bo Edin do.  These Loop drivers are no exception.  With higher voltage outputs the demands of the revised standard IEC 6-118-4: 2014 are easily met for the delivery of uncompromised speech and music.

Thier philosophy, Engineering Simplicity,  is not just evident in the functionality and usability of each model, it is also in the circuit protection technology, making these units more reliable and harder to break.  And of course, there is still no cooling fan.


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