R K Sound Engineering

Areas of Expertise

  • Speech Intelligibility Measurements
  • Speech Privacy or Noise Masking Systems
  • Radio Frequency Scanning
  • PA / Sound System Maintenance and Support
  • PA / Sound System Design and Installation
  • Acoustic Consultancy (Room Acoustics)
  • Hearing Loops (AFILS) and Infrared Systems

Clients include

  • RK Sound Engineering Ltd has vast industry experience spanning many years and have worked on a large number of projects. Here is just a small taste of their experience: Altrincham BaptistChurch; Anglo American; London Arts DepotTheatre; Aspley Guise Village Hall; Bethel City Church,Stoke-on-Trent; CGG Veritas, Paris; Chauncy School, Ware; City Lit, London; City of London School for Girls; Christ Church St Albans; Electrovoice,Peterborough; Empire Cinema,Leicester Square; ETC Venues,London; Everything Audio,Elstree; Fidelity Investments International, London; Golders Green Parish Church; Guildford Civic Centre; Harefield Hospital; Harrodian School, London; Hemel Hempstead Theatre Company; Hertfordshire Constabulary; Huddersfield Christian Fellowship; Kier Services; Lancaster House London; Leonard Cheshire, London; Norwich Cathedral; Ovation Theatres, Highgate; Police Federation,Leatherhead; Privy Council Office, London; RAF Brize Norton; Rolls Royce, London;


R K Sound Engineering

They are a specialist acoustics and sound engineering company offering electro-acoustic consultancy and audio engineering services.


They design, install and commission Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems  (AFILS) and Infrared Systems for all locations, including churches and houses of worship, theatres, meeting rooms, ticket offices and on reception desks.


They are participating members of the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers (ISCE) AFILS assessment and report scheme. Their engineers will provide a professional installation to the highest industry standards and design and install AFILS to the current international standards BS EN 60118-4: 2006


Other services include:


Acoustic Consultancy (Room Acoustics). Measurement and analysis of room acoustics for auditoria, recording studios, churches and houses of worship, schools and many other locations.


PA / Sound System Design and Installation. They design,install and maintain all types of sound systems in all environments and coupled with their acoustic consultancy they can ensure the system performs to its full potential by mitigating the effects of poor room acoustics.


Radio Frequency Scanning.  When implementing radio microphone and other RF systems it is important to identify all existing RF sources to avoid potential frequency conflicts. They can scan your environment and identify all local sources using a specialist RF scanner and software. If you are experiencing interference on your system then an RF scan may help to identify the cause.


Speech Privacy or Noise Masking Systems.  RK Sound Engineering design and install speech privacy systems for situations where overhearing conversations between offices is a problem and physical treatment of the building fabric is not a viable option.


Speech Intelligibility Measurements. Public address systems in buildings such as airports, railway stations, theatres, concert halls or any other public building must be capable of providing clearly understood safety and evacuation messages. Speech transmission index for public address systems or STI-PA for short is a measure of how well a PA system is performing and is an important part of commissioning a public address system. RK Sound Engineering offer a speech intelligibility measurement service to the current international standard IEC 60268-16:2011 (edition 4).


They supply specialist test and analysis equipment from NTi , Gold Line and Cesva to acoustic consultants, sound contractors and engineers.


For more information About RK Sound Engineering visit www.rksound.co.uk


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