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How do I benefit from becoming a UnivoxAudio Accredited Partner?

By becoming an Accredited Partner you will:

  • Raise your professional profile through third party endorsement
  • Increase credibility and differentiate your business from your competitors
  • Improve your reputation with demonstrable knowledge and expertise
  • Achieve peace of mind knowing that you are installing loops correctly
  • Significantly improve your chances of winning induction loop installations

Additionally in recognition of your commitment to UnivoxAudio, you will receive an exclusive set of benefits:

  • A significant discount on all UnivoxAudio retail prices
  • Further discounts on product will be available based on annual volumes ordered.
  • On going access to Univox® professional loop design software—’Designaloop’,
  • A minimum of 1 full day annual partner visit to offer any specific support, help or advice and carry out an installation inspection

(note: this is not intended as a replacement for any day to day help and advice that you can expect from us)

  • Profile and link on UnivoxAudio website
  • *Opportunity to have your installation(s) listed in the UnivoxAudio ‘Good Loop Guide’
  • Assistance from us to write your case studies. (These will feature in your profile on the UnivoxAudio website and where appropriate distributed to the media for further publication)

*Currently being compiled to provide hard of hearing people with a guide to the best induction loop systems in the UK. The guide will be issued to key disability access organisations and lobbying groups. A listing in the guide will promote your customer’s installations and enable you to offer them added value.

How do I become a UnivoxAudio Accredited Partner?

To become an accredited partner you will need to complete our accredited partner 2 step programme. ( Not applicable if you are an ISCE registered AFILS assessor—see below)

  • Step 1 - You will need to successfully complete our 1 day installer training course
  • Step 2 - You will have a period of 9 months from the date of attending our installer training course to complete your first Univox® induction loop installation. During this time you will:
    • Have full access to the new Univox® loop design software—’Designaloop’
    • Receive a generous discount on all UnivoxAudio retail prices

At the end of the 9 month period we will carry out an inspection of your installation. If your installation is approved you will receive accredited partner status.

I am an ISCE registered AFILS assessor. Am I still expected to attend the UnivoxAudio course ?

No. The ISCE AFILS assessor scheme is a well recognised professional accreditation. If you are an ISCE registered AFILS assessor you will only need to meet with us for a personal

introduction to ’Designaloop’- loop design software, and allow us to carry out an

inspection of one of your induction loop installations made with Univox® Equipment. If your installation is approved you will receive accredited partner status.

How do I maintain my Accredited Partner Status?

Part of the accredited partner programme includes an annual partner meeting. (Applicable also to ISCE registered AFILS assessors ) This includes

  • A review of the partnership and the development of strategies for business growth
  • Advice and help on any technical matters
  • Exploring ways to support you further
  • Addressing any issues important to you
  • Details from you of 3 customer approved induction loop installations, made within the preceding 12 months
  • Inspection of one of your 3 customer approved induction loop installations by us on the day

This is an on going process designed to help you get the most from our partnership as well as maintain your accredited status.

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