National Hearing Loop Week


Hearing Loop Awareness Week

12-20th July


UnivoxAudio is pleased to be associated with Hearing Link's campaign to improve the nations provision of hearing loop systems.  We have been involved from the outset as part of the Loop Eastbourne committee where we trained loop assessment teams and donated a number of loop listeners to facilitate the continued evaluation of hearing loop systems in the town.  Now this has developed into the 'Let's Loop The UK' we continue to provide committee level support 

Hearing loops are the preferred assistive listening technology of hearing campaigners around the world.  When they are working correctly they will provide a significant benefit to hearing aid users, enabling them to sit back, relax and enjoy.  However, too many systems do not work well, if at all.  The last research in this area suggested that less than 50% of systems in the UK were of any practical use. (Action on Hearing 2008).  There are many factors as to why loop systems do not perform as they should, but whilst they continue to go unnoticed nothing will change.Hearing Link Logo

Hearing Loop Awareness Week has the ambitious objective to change this making every stake holder nationwide aware of the part they can play in making the UK's Hearing Loops the
 envy of he World.

To see how you can help Click on the Hearing Link Logo opposite and down load their letter.

or visit www.hearing


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