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Let’s Loop Eastbourne is an initiative that aims to turn Eastbourne into the UK’s leading town for the provision of good customer service to people with hearing loss. It is led by Hearing Link, and involves a wide range of stakeholders including public service providers, loop manufacturers, voluntary organisations and retail outlets.

All involved in the initiative are committed to encouraging better and far more Hearing Loop provision in local outlets and venues. This will improve accessibility for the sizeable group of hearing aid and cochlear implant users in the Eastbourne area.

Driving the initiative forward is a ‘Let’s Loop Group’, which was formed in March 2012. Group members include: Hearing Link, UnivoxAudio, Contacta, Edworthy Consultants, the Post Office, Asda, Sainsbury’s, M&S, HSBC, Kings Centre, Lloyds Pharmacy, Cavendish Hotel, Eastbourne Access Group and Disability Involvement Group, Eastbourne Borough Council, Age Concern and Everything Everywhere.


UnivoxAudio is pleased to be part of the Let's Loop Group.


Ken Hollands, Managing Director of UnivoxAudio said: "Univox have spent almost 50 years pioneering developments in hearing Loop technology.  We know what a difference a good loop system can make in reconnecting hard of hearing people into society, but we are continually frustrated and disappointed by just how many loop systems fail to deliver.  Before  legislation, induction loops were installed by enlightened business leaders and organisations who truly embraced the idea of inclusivity and appreciated the benefits that induction loop systems would deliver to their customers and their business.  These groups wanted the best systems, capable of delivering intelligible sound.

Now we have legislation, most business leaders appear to resent being forced to provide hearing access, they do not understand the real reasons for doing it, consequently, they do it 'on the cheap'.  They engage untrained, ill-informed installers who use underspecified, low quality equipment all to save a few pounds and end up wasting it all. 

Unfortunately, having a good loop system installed is not the end of the story, if the facility does not maintain it, train their staff on its use and publisize it with simple signage it can quickly be rendered useless"

"The Let's Loop Group is about raising awareness of the effectiveness of good loop systems and the various issues associated with getting it right. Our aim is to establish Eastbourne as a Hearing Loop ‘Town of Excellence’, which other towns and cities can then seek to replicate."



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